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Television, Film, and Non-Wedding Photography Fees

Photography or Filming: Starting at $4,000 per day or any part thereof.
(8 hours maximum, including set-up/breakdown time)

Photography Guidelines (These are general guidelines. Additional, more specific rules are delineated in the required Photography Agreement.  Contact the Special Events Department for more details):

  • No furniture or furnishings will be moved without prior approval.

  • No eating or drinking, except in assigned areas.

  • No smoking.

  • Photographers are required to assume full responsibility for their photographic equipment. The Aldrich Mansion will not be responsible for loss of equipment or props.

  • Placement of props must be supervised by the Aldrich Mansion attendant.

  • Photographic lights may not be left on for extended periods.

  • Tripods and light stands must be fitted with rubber feet and may not be placed on antique floor coverings.

  • Photo lighting must supply its own power pack.

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