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Frequently Asked Questions



Before Booking

Q: Are outside ceremonies allowed on the grounds?

A: No Sorry the only ceremony allowed is a Catholic ceremony in our Catholic Chapel here on the Property.

Q: How many hours is the reception?

A: the reception is 6 hours at the mansion, you can choose any 6 hours that you would like as long as it ends at 11:00 pm.

Q: Is the chapel ceremony included in the 6-hour event?

A: No, your ceremony would be 1 hour before the reception for a full mass, or 45 min before the reception for a Vow ceremony.

Q: How many guests can your venue hold for seated dinner?

A: The Mansion can accommodate 230 guests, with The Aldrich and Ivory dining rooms holding 100 people each, with an additional 30 people on the adjoining enclosed porch. see virtual tour here 



After Booking leading up to Your BIG DAY


Q: Who do I make checks out for payments?

A: Make checks out to OLP Center INC.

Q: when are payments due?

A: the first payment of $1,500.00 is due within a week to secure the date

The second payment will be $1,000.00 due upon receiving the contract that will be mailed to you once we receive your letter(s) from the priest and the wedding has been approved by the Diocese of Providence

The third payment will be due 6 months before your wedding and that will pay off the rental of the mansion only minus the money you already put down with the first two payments

Timing and Getting Ready

Q: What time can the bride and bridesmaids arrive before the ceremony?

A: they can arrive 2 hours before the Ceremony

Q: Can Hair and Makeup be done at the mansion?

A: No sorry Hair and Makeup must be done before arrival of the mansion

Q: Do the groom and grooms men have a place to get dressed here at the mansion?

A: No, the groom and the grooms’ men must arrive at the mansion already dressed

Candles and Measurements 

Q: Are real candles allowed?

A: real candles can be used as long as the flame is 4 “below the glass and there is a bottom to it.

Q: Can votive candles be used on dining room tables?

A: NO, Votive candles are only allowed if they are LED / no real flames with Votive Candles on dining room tables, real candles can be used as long as the flame is 4 “below the glass and there is a bottom to it.

Q: How big is the area for the band / DJ?

A: the band / DJ area is about 12’ x 16’


Q: what are the measurements of the mantels in the mansion?

A: Fireplace mantels measurements

Aldrich Room mantel 89” x 9 ½ “

Ivory Room mantel 76” x 9 ½”

Foyer card mantel measurements 94” x 23”

Q: what are the measurements of the Aisle in the chapel?

A: the Chapel Aisle is 46’ long and 7.8’ wide

Q: how many cocktail tables and high tops will be set up for cocktail hour?

A: Porch

6 cocktail tables 30” round with 4 chairs each (if not using for dining)


2 cocktail tables 30 “round with 4 chairs each

2 high tops 30” round

1 Cake table square (size = cocktail tablecloth)

1 Cheese table 120” round

Sitting room

2 cocktail tables 30 “round with 4 chairs each


4 high tops 30” round


4 high tops

9 low tables with chairs


Q: how many tables fit in each dining room?

A: Dining room tables

No more than 10 tables in each room no matter the size (sweetheart tables count as a table)

Sweetheart table 48” round (for bride and groom or guest tables of 6 or less)

Guest tables are 60” rounds (the max at each table is 10 people)

Q: do you supply Table numbers and stands?

A: yes, you can use our table numbers and stands or just our stands

They look like this we have gold and silver Stands


Q: what items are included in the nonalcoholic bar?

A:  The Mansion provides all the non-alcoholic set-up, which includes the following: Bar Glasses, Napkins, Stirrers, Ice and Refrigeration.


Beverages include: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, Tonic Water, Seltzer Water and Regular Water


Juices include: Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Pineapple and Sweetened Lime juice


Mixes include: Bloody Mary Mix and Sour Mix.


Grenadine, Milk, Cherries, Olives, Cocktail Onions, Lemon, Limes


We do not supply Red and White Vermouth or Red Bull

Q: How many types of Beer and Wine am I allowed to bring in

A: Beer – Prefer Bottles – Limit to 3 to 4 Selections, Wine - one option of Red and one option of White

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