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The Aldrich Mansion, in association with Ocean State Pyrotechnics,

will now be offering firework displays for your special occasion..


A Fireworks Display is the Perfect Way to Add the WOW Factor to your Event!


Let Us Help Add that Extra Wow Factor to Your Day At The Aldrich Mansion with Ocean State Pyrotechnics. We love fireworks and we love to celebrate! And nothing says celebrate like your own fireworks display. We produced these packages with the goal of bringing amazing, high-quality fireworks displays to weddings and special events at an affordable price. Let us help make your wedding or special event the talk of your guests for years to come and celebrate with a bang!

Ocean State Pyrotechnics will work with the Aldrich Mansion exclusively. We coordinate everything to ensure your fireworks display integrates into your event for the perfect day. A surprise for the bride and groom, fireworks exit, or an impactful finale to a speech – at Ocean State Pyrotechnics, we love to get creative with integrating fireworks into your reception or special event. Our company uses only the best products out there to craft a show just for you. There are several things to keep in mind when planning your Wedding/Event fireworks. Wedding/Event fireworks are different from a large-scale display, such as those conducted on the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. A typical July 4th display will last between 15 and 30 minutes. With Wedding/Event fireworks, you want a display that is under 10 minutes that gives enough time to wow the guests but does not take away from the main attraction.



These Displays are strictly booked through the Aldrich Mansion only.

Display Options Offered


Classic Display


A Show Built to Impress

(Must be ordered 2 months in advance)

The classic shows consist of low to medium height effects (120-250ft), which are sure to impress your guests with unique colors and effects. The classic show is the perfect type of display to provide your Wedding/Event with that extra glitz and glam. Because of the technology Ocean State Pyrotechnics has designed for the Aldrich Mansion, your guests will be amazed how close you are to your special show. The classic display is placed below the first hill after the patio, just 150 feet away. Perfect for entrances and exits, cake cutting, toasts, first dances, and more. Show duration is five minutes. Price Includes: Transportation, Insurance, Required Permits (other than special event permits), Crew, and License Fee.


Large Scale Displays from a Barge on the Bay

Like the 4th of July, but for Your Wedding or Special Event


(Must be ordered 2 months in advance)

If you love fireworks displays like the ones on 4th of July, this display option is for you! At Ocean State Pyrotechnics, we have experience conducting large, municipal displays for the 4th of July and other major public events—it is our day-to-day job. We set ourselves apart by the extra safety precautions we take when conducting a display. We conduct highly choreographed shows with a wide variety of effects and styles that the public may not be used to seeing. This type of fireworks display can be shot from the water. Price Includes: Transportation, Insurance, Required Permits (other than special event permits), Crew, License Fee

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