We will update all COVID 19 information here to keep you up to date with any function and wedding guidelines as we receive them 

We will begin to do in person tours for weddings and other events for the future starting

Sat June 13, 2020, the tours will be well spaced apart so there is no overlapping of guest for everyone’s safety

We would like to ask that all tours

  • Please be on time

  • Are 6 people or less

  • Sanitize hands when arriving at the Mansion (mansion will provide hand sanitizer)

  • Practice social distancing during your tour

  • All visitors must wear face masks

Please contact Tony Maggiacomo to schedule a tour for your special day


401-739-6850 EX 102

Hope to see you soon

Event Guidelines for COVID 19 

Updated 8/5/2020

OLP Center, Inc. Phase 3 Policy for Functions 


Please be advised that the policies of the State of Rhode Island & OLP Center, Inc./Aldrich Mansion are in place to protect you, your guests, and our employees to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  


  • There is signage throughout the mansion regarding social distancing, sanitizer, and hygiene to notify everyone to follow the rules.   


  • Mansion first floor will have Citron Hygiene perform Sani Plus electrostatic disinfecting prior to use by public.   


  • Sanitizer-provided at front door and throughout the mansion for guest use. Sanitizer is also provided for staff use with locations in the wait staff area and kitchen area. 


  • 50-person maximum for an indoor function. The 50-person maximum does NOT include staff.  100-person maximum for outdoor functions.  The 100- person maximum does NOT include staff.  Outdoor functions would be considered an open-air function or a tented function with no sides on the tent, but all policies remain the same.  


  • Prior to a function, the renter of the facility will provide either by email or through the All Seated website, the name and phone number of each guest for COVID-19 tracing purposes.   


  • Temperature checks will be done on guests by Aldrich Mansion staff as they arrive to the front door of the mansion.  If a guest has a temperature higher than 100 degrees, the guest will not be allowed entry to the mansion/function and will need to provide name and phone number. 


  • Masks will be worn by the Aldrich Mansion staff at all times, including all kitchen staff.  Guests will be provided masks if they do not have one when they arrive at the mansion.  


  • Seating (Tables) will be 8 feet apart. 

  • Guests must wear masks when not seated at table.  This includes getting up from the table for any reason.  

  • 8-person seating maximum for a 60-inch table 

  • 6-person seating maximum for a 48-inch table 


  • The bar is allowed.  There will be plexiglass between the bartender and guest and when ordering at the bar there will only be a limited number of guests allowed in the bar area.  We have moved the bar to allow for better social distancing.    


  • Cheese display is not allowed.   


  • Passed appetizers are not allowed.  Appetizers must be placed at the guest’s table for immediate consumption.   


  • Dancing is not permitted with the exception of ceremonial/customary dances (e.g. mother/fatherson/daughter dances) are allowed


  • Buffet is not allowed for any function.  


  • Dessert display is not allowed. 


  • DJ and bands are allowed.  However, the DJ/band must be at least 14 feet away from guests at all times and the singer(s) of a band must be at least 14 feet away from everyone at all times. 


  • Photos are allowed. Masks are required for everyone while preparing to take photos.  Masks may be removed for the photo(s).   


Mansion Employees/Staffing 


  • Schedule the same staff working events as much as possible to limit exposure to other employees and guests. 


  • Staff will be provided masks that shall be worn throughout the function. 


  • Staff required to answer basic health questions and will have temperature checked before shift to be sure no symptoms are present.  If an employee answers yes to any of the health questions or has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, they will not work their shift and return home. 


  • Staff required to social distance among themselves while in employee areas. 


  • A staff member will be assigned to disinfect the touchpoints throughout the mansion during the function. 


  • Staff will be assigned to monitor social distancing among guests in areas of the mansion deemed to only have a specific number of people to reduce exposure. 


Policies are subject to change at any time.  It is OLP Center’s understanding these policies may be in place for Phase 4 of the State of Rhode Island’s reopening plan, with possible changes to guest counts.